Who We Are:

We are a post collegiate men's lacrosse club. The only one of it's kind between LA and the Bay Area. We are made up of players that have been playing since childhood, ex-D1 players and even guys that have never picked up a stick before joining up with us. We have players as young as 19 and old as 60. If lacrosse is something that interests you, we are the group for you



Our Mission:

Our main goal is to promote the growth of Lacrosse at all levels of play in Central California.


We're always looking for new players!



Who we play?

We have great relationships with clubs all over Cali which we scrimmage with

Lax never sleeps

If you're a Lax fan, there's a lot to catch your attention in the coming weeks...


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What's new in equipment?

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New Players Wanted

Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game we are always in need of new players

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Other tournaments

there are many games throughout the year...